Expense Reduction Analysis (ERA)

The Power of Procurement
Given our purchasing influence, we are regularly able to negotiate special terms with suppliers, accessing pricing that is unique to PRL members using the PRL approved suppliers, we regularly identify cost efficiencies within the supply chain leading to improved pricing for members and a lower cost base for the suppliers.

We track the markets providing openness and transparency allowing you to make informed decisions that are right for you and your business.

The cost reductions we achieve are driven through professional negotiation and include a comprehensive evaluation of not only the supplier’s compliance to your specific needs but also its compliance to any industry certification requirements. Also, we commit to monitoring, on a project-by-project-basis, supplier performance to ensure that consistent savings are being realised without any degradation in the quality of the products or level of service received.

PRL is committed to building long-term relationships based on openness, teamwork and trust. We work entirely in partnership with our members, delivering tangible benefits and providing tailored services to meet their corporate goals and ultimately find extra profit.

Through partnering with PRL, you and your business will always be in control.

What is Expense Reduction Analysis (ERA)?

Expense Reduction Analysis gives members of PRL access to the expertise of experienced procurement leaders in cost reduction, purchase and supplier management. Expense Reduction Analysis helps companies, large and small, save money through realising optimum value from suppliers.

How can an ERA project help my business?

PRL members find extra cash flow and improve operational efficiency. PRL provide specialised expertise, real-time industry benchmark data, and practical industry insider knowledge across many sectors. Our risk-free model means that doing business with PRL is completely free, all we ask is that you and your business join PRL as members, there is no membership fees, no service charges or levies.

Our collaborative approach provides full transparency, ensuring you retain control of all key aspects of the engagement. Whilst our buying power is impressive, it is our extensive in-house knowledge and expertise that will deliver truly significant results. For example, when addressing some of the more complex cost areas such as electricity, communications, finance and insurance, we will assign specialists with first-hand experience of working within the relevant market sectors. This means that our buyers are aware of not only ‘true cost prices’ but also the optimum route to securing you the best deal.

We are consistently able to attain better deals than any one company, irrespective of its size or purchasing power, due to the way in which we share and build on all knowledge obtained during each cost and purchase review. This pooled and continually developing knowledge gives us considerable power when negotiating with suppliers to ensure that you receive the best prices and the best quality of service now and in the future.

How does it work?

Our key requirement from you is to identify those cost areas which you believe have the highest impact on your profits and any additional areas which you are not able to easily address in-house. We then undertake a review in order to assess the scale of opportunity for profit improvement.

If required, these results can be researched further and presented back to you within a comprehensive report. You then decide the way forward.

Once savings have been identified in line with the project brief agreed, you will have the option to choose the solution that best fits your business needs. Throughout this period, you will have access to all of the benefits we provide relating to supplier negotiations, supplier performance monitoring, detailed management information and reporting.

  • Average Member Savings 15% 15%

Need more information?

For a quick response you can you can use our Enquiry Form or if feel you need to chat, phone us on (03333) 580055, leave a message and one of our team will get back to you.

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No one was let down

My work van had been damaged in an accident, and I needed to get back on the road as quick as possible, I had customer’s relying on me. What I liked was that PRL kept me updated throughout the whole process.

D. Penn
DSP Electrical Contractor

Great service and no hassle

I had been let down at the last minute by my normal plant hire company, so I called PRL to see if they could get me an excavator on-site immediately. It arrived on site when it was meant to, with no hassle and great service.

Richard Taylor
Contract Manager, Taylor Construction

I call PRL every time

My current supplier was struggling to deliver my fuel, so I called PRL to see if they could get me an urgently delivery. Not only did their supplier deliver quickly I saved £120.00. I  now always check supply and cost with PRL.

Andrew Warren
Agricultural Contractor

I can buy everything I need

I joined PRL to order my consumables for our garage, I use my membership card at many different suppliers to access my discounts, saving me money and time.

I can buy everything I need to run my business through PRL and have the peace of mind that I am always paying the best competitive prices available.

Jamie Savage
Headline Garage

Great service - highly recommended

Thank you PRL for putting me in touch with your finance team.

They arranged great rates and terms on some pre owned equipment I wanted purchase for my business. I was particularly impressed by how quick and easy the whole process was. Great service and highly recommended.

Brian Tyrell
B&R Groundworks

No Membership Fees, No Levies, No Service Charge

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