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So how does it all work?

We are focused on bringing value to both our members and our approved supplier partners.  We strive to create a route to market that not only saves our member’s time and money but also drives significant revenue to our suppliers.

What makes the PRL buying model different to other buying groups?

PRL members are your customers, and your business can contact them directly, promote your products and services. All we ask is that you quote their PRL membership number on all financial transactions, i.e., quotations, invoices, and credit notes.

The PRL team are like an unpaid sales force for your business, helping promote and endorse your business across many sectors, opening routes to market and assisting you to increase market share resulting in additional revenue.

PRL is a springboard into a wide network of customers in one place.

PRL will utilise its social media channels to promote suppliers and will utilise targeted marketing to ensure optimal sales during seasonal requirements and trends.

What are the benefits to becoming a PRL approved supplier?

Partnering with PRL brings many benefits to your business and will have a positive impact on your bottom-line, by empowering our members to keep making smart purchasing decisions. We are sales and marketing experts, constantly optimising the buying experience for our members – ultimately driving increased sales for our suppliers.

PRL can offer a route to market to an omnichannel of sectors – Agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing, Industrial, Engineering and Leisure.

Marketing of products and services directly to the decision-makers within a business.

Targeted marketing campaigns and joint marketing strategies.

Think of us as your unpaid sales force promoting and endorsing your business and its products and services to thousands of customers.

Your business will be added to the unique supplier directory which only PRL members can access.

The member portal is where you can advertise your products, websites, and special offers.

PRL operate a transparent and ethical trading policy with both members and suppliers.

What are the benefits of being a PRL Member?

What’s unique about PRL, is that our members pay no membership fee, no service charges, or levies, meaning they benefit from group buying power without additional charges.


  • Discounts, special pricing, and preferential rates.
  • ERA – expense reduction analysis service.
  • Industry experts on hand.
  • Industry data tracking markets.
  • Trusted and evaluated supplier network.
  • Network of suppliers national, regional, specialist and bespoke.
  • Special offers are exclusive to PRL members.
  • Supply chain resilience.
  • Direct access to industry experts
How is PRL funded?

PRL is built on transparency and efficiency. We run our business in lean-to ensure we can pass on savings directly to our members.

We’re committed to sustainability and ethical business practices. PRL income comes from our suppliers via sales-related rebates, commissions, and sales leads.

No Membership Fees, No Levies, No Service Charge

Take advantage of the UK’s most agile and innovative buying group.  Join today!

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