LETTER OF AUTHORITY (LOA) Please accept this letter as our authority for your company. (the Company)

I confirm that the Consultant below is acting on my behalf and I authorise the energy supplier to action my account with them as follows.

Please select either level 1 or level 2 below, depending on what activity you wish the Consultant and/or the energy supplier to carry out on your behalf.

Level 1 - I would like the Consultant and/or the Energy Supplier to:

  1. Request and receive current and historical account information including consumption history, supply numbers, pricing details, and contract-end dates.
  2. Issue termination notices about existing supply contracts and opt-out from future automatic contract renewals on my behalf.
  3. Obtain information from third-party industry databases e.g., metering details.
  4. Contact my supplier(s) to resolve any objections or rejections regarding my transfer.
  5. Request and negotiate prices on my behalf.

Level 2 - In addition to the activity set out in Level 1, I would like the Consultant and/or the Energy Supplier to:

  1. Request billing information e.g., copy bills, debt information and payment terms.
  2. Authorise any adjustments, refunds or billing.
  3. Agree supply contracts on my behalf.
  4. Authorise the completion and submission of VAT declarations.

Terms of letter of authority

This letter of authority (LOA) is valid for all sites under the company name provided and will need to be submitted again if any changes are made, although there will be no need to re- sign. The validity of this LOA starts as per the date noted below. Other business names where the main business is the same, but the site business names are different, you must list each site and update us whenever you add or remove a name. Any changes may be validated with you directly by the energy supplier. This letter of authority shall remain valid for one year, or the length of the attached contract. We reserve the right to contact the named account holder/site if we deem it necessary to ensure the correct running of your account.

The Company acknowledge and agree that (1) the Consultant will receive commission from the Company's appointed energy supplier in consideration for introducing the Company energy supply contract(s) and for assistance with our energy management strategy; (2) Such commission shall be incorporated into the energy supply unit rates, the Company agree with the energy supplier as a p/£ per kWh price uplift and/or as a fixed price (£) uplift to the standing charge, for the duration of the energy supply contract; (3) Details of the applicable uplift(s), including how they are calculated, have been confirmed to the Company separately by the Consultant and are agreed by the Company.

By signing this agreement all parties confirm acceptance of the terms of the agreement.

Authorised signatory for and on behalf of the Company